Patrick Does Twitter

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Patrick is one of the most tech-savvy people I know. For example, he was one of the first people to join Twitter and could potentially to be hired by Nest as a salesperson. Yet, sometimes it is like pulling teeth for me (a digital marketer) to get him to actually utilize digital media to promote […]

Tell Me More About This Cloud


  “It says I have nothing on the cloud.” -me “Okay…” -Patrick “How do I put things on the cloud. Where is the cloud.” “Just back it up to the cloud.” “How? How do I do this? How do I back up to the cloud?” “Relax….” “Where is the button for the cloud?” “THERE IS […]



Patrick decided he fancies a new desk from IKEA. I offer to buy said desk as part of his birthday present. We drive all the way up near Newark airport to IKEA as part of our “Sunday Day of Fun” ritual. Meaning, we are to have fun. THIS DID NOT HAPPEN.   We are herded […]

Save The Date Time

save the date stamp

After some back and forth with Zazzle due to design issues and as well as some back and forth with myself to get this all going, we are now writing out our Save The Dates! Things I have learned: 1. Save The Date acronym is STD. As in, “did you get my STD?” Yes. 2. […]

Life With Patrick


“Look! This place has tapas!” – me “What exactly are tapas?” – Patrick “Small plates.” “I do not like that.” ———– “I took tap dancing lessons when I was younger.” – me “Let me see then.” – Patrick :: tap dances :: “How much did your mom pay for those lessons?” ———– “When did you […]