A Beanie Baby Wedding

In honor of my wedding invitations being complete, I wanted to share this little gem:



A few things to note:

1. Yes, I still played with beanie babies in middle school

2. Yes, I thought it was OK to marry them

3. Yes, I typed a formal invitation to invite friends to the aforementioned wedding.

If I am old enough to type and to pick out appropriate font for a formal event, I should be also too old to make that formal event a wedding for two stuffed animals. In other news, my sister tried to sell our entire collection of beanie babies at her garage sale and I had to steal away three of my favorites.

Crossfit Christine

Hey remember that time I was like, “I CAN TOTES DO CROSSFIT?”

That’s funny.

I am still going to Crossfit but in order to not embarrass myself at every work-out, I’ve taken matters into my own hands and tried to practice my crossfit moves at home. This includes jump roping.

Or, as Patrick says, “I’m going to call your family and ask why no one taught little Christine how to jump rope.”

The other day at Crossfit I said to Patrick, “we should buy jump ropes from Crossfit and practice at home.” He said, “maybe next week” and I said, “well I don’t have money on me so can’t you just buy  me one?”  He obliged.

Yesterday I asked him to jump rope with me when I got home from work and then we could take a walk. He sat on the deck and watched me jump rope and every time I made a mistake he pointed it out.

“You jumped too soon. You jumped with one foot. You’re moving the rope the wrong way.”

Frustrated, I yelled at him, “I KNOW WHAT I’M DOING WRONG YOU DON’T HAVE TO TELL ME.” Patrick then moved to the driveway, left me in the backyard, and started to jump rope by himself. I wonder what my neighbors thoguht when they saw him jump roping in the driveway and me in the backyard doing the same thing. #CrazyTown

Anyways, after getting over my fear of the jump rope, I was able to actually do it pretty well. I had to then apologize to Patrick for yelling at me and somehow convinced him to do some burpees in the backyard and then go for a walk. Usually our walks are 30 minutes of me telling him all of my feelings and thoughts and ideas and him just saying, “uh huh, hey look at that guy’s landscaping it’s pretty nice.”

I was so tired from my little workout that I created for us I asked him if it was OK to go to bed without showering. He said absolutely not. So close.