Typical Tuesday Night Freak-Out

“Oh God.” -me

“What?!” -patrick

“Oh God.”


“The girl who does the invites doesn’t do rentals anymore.”

“Rental for what?”

“The seating chart.”

“Oh. Which girl?”



“SHE DID OUR INVITATIONS. Maybe the other girl with the rentals can do it.”

“Which girl?”


spagetti arms

Another Post About My Wedding

I need to commit myself to write more after the wedding madness.

In the meantime, photos from my amazing bachelorette. Just disregard the fact that they threw this big party and I went to bed by 11:30PM. CALL ME CINDERELLA.

My bridesmaids, Maid of Honor and mom are way too good to me. I mean, can I get married like every year or at least let’s throw these parties for me and make it so I don’t have to plan anything…K??!?!

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5 Years Ago…

…..I was spending my first week in Vietnam.

This was my Facebook post 5 years ago today:


I actually ate chicken and rice for breakfast nearly every day, unless it wasn’t too hot then it was beef soup.

And yes, I had to open up a padlock with a frying pan because the housekeeping staff “lost” the key to all the books and supplies that I was depending on when I arrived, including bug spray. After being in Vietnam for a day or two, I realized the power of bug spray and that lock had nothing on me.